News & Program Updates

Oct. 2016



Complete new Manager and lots of add-on

Try out the new manager HYIP7


We are proud to present a complete new HYIP7 version 3.1 gives you a full control of the program, the page content and the language all from one place.


So whats new in it?

  • A complete new design give you visual comfort finding things fast and control things easily.
  • Integrated language control you can edit text on the spot to both page-text, system-messages and emails, and you can create as many language as you want.
  • Template editor gives you straight access to all front-pages code and all user-pages code all from inside your manager.
  • Better processor management give you full view on what it can.
  • Integration of Instant-pay and cron-job for cashout to all important processor types.
  • Integration of our new Bitcoin Core API and following pay-processor.
  • Install addons from manager in one click. We offer a long list of addon programs.

Beside the new manager many things are likewise improved in front-end as the paysystem has been upgraded and functions added to it.


Visit our DEMO to try out real time and see what you get. Enjoy!

Oct. 2016



Our own "Blockchain" Free to use for all

Chek it out on this link


After almost a year in build we finally introduce a full-blood payprocessor and Bitcoin wallet best compared to a mix between and all in one place.


NO hassle, NO high fees and NO validation.

Everybody can use it as they please as a private person or a business to any type of online business requiring online payment


Its been a huge problem for the hole business for a long time with tuff restrictions, validation and with Blockchain as the last one required validation for API access many sites came in trouble.

ALL THAT IS NOW PAST as now we run our new HYIP7 with direct access to our own Bitcoin core with no limitation, no restrictions and no validation.


Oct. 2016





We can now accept GC Templates ready to use for integration in our script for the normal integration price $89.
Also our EASY packet hyip7 v2 for $199 a template integration of any html template or GC template are included in the packet price.


Integration include following 13 front pages: index, about, plans, stat, vote, policy, terms, news, faq, contact, register, login, forgot,
Extra pages can be ordered many as you want by agreement.


Integration in our script never include intagration of the user account interface simply that our script is to complex and have multiply language and functions hardcoded. When we make a template the user account interface are adjusted colors and images to fit


Aug. 2015

Forex Update and Live Graph Incl.


Improvement of Forex script function and Layout

Login to User-Demo V2 where we put a link directly to the new Forex


Our Forex script has gone through a long waited update on the functions plus we added a very nice static Graph showing the earning % for each day. The graph is included as default and you can use it on any frontpage layout as well to impress all visitors.


Short about Forex

From user part forex is a simple deposit to pool. It is then upto you as the admin to give earning daily what can be done in two ways.

1. Type any amount and it will share the amount equal to all investors fit the size of their deposit in just one click.

2. Create visual real trades by plotting in orders with BUY/SELL. Open and close order and then click to share profit to all investors.


Both ways will show in Graph and number 2 will also create a history table displaying the admins orders open/close value and profit on each trade.


To see the new Forex login to our DemoV2 user and you will find a button direct to it. You will also find a button to see the admin part on Forex. Enjoy!

July 2015

Release surfscriptPro version PRO V3.0



Check out our new HYIP PRO version 3.0 on our demo page


Now Launching a new PRO version of our famous HYIP script you will get a brand new look highly responsive design fit all mobile, applets and screen size. Beside an awesome layout you get a packet of add-on included in the price as:

1) Representative with user to apply, page listing and a full admin management of content/approval.

2) Video Testimonial with slide box display front-end, view all listing, easy user video submission and admin management edit/approval.

3) User Testimonial with slide box display front-end, view all listing, easy user submission and admin management edit/approval.

4) 6 Language in user section: English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamise, Indonesian, Thai.


Of course many of the above add-on packets can be used more creative if you have the ideas. Like example use the testimonial as an HOW TO DO or random INFO mmessages or use the video review for your own videos. Its only about creative thinking.


Other add-on packets included as needed is Lottery with many functions included. Specially the setting options give you multiply ways to sell or give a way as bonus. The lottery is all automated with drawing in 5 levels % set by you, function to give tickets by signup, bonus tickets when buy or bonus ticket when investing in hyip plans.


Other addon packet included as wallet processor exchange full ontrollable as a real exchange service and the pay-other-member function to send funds between account.


To make it more easy we will help you customize the user menu and are included in the purchase of the new HYIP PRO V3.0. All in all you get A LOT value for purchase of the PRO version.


If you purchasing the normal HYIP version 2.7 you are still able to get the add-on packets for a extra charge. Price on each packet will be listed soon in our price listing. If you need any more information.

July 2015

Release surfscriptPro version PRO 2.7

NEW! Processor payments and all around improvements!


Demand for quality is high and we know the better tool you get on your hands the better chance to make a good profit so we keep improve, addon, adjusting to marked and make new functions.


The HYIP version 2.7 got a refreshment in script improving the overall functionality. More important we integrated more payment options and fixed the user language function and opdated the database structure to fit new functionalities.


Bitcoin: Previous we integrated the Coinbase API for automated bitcoin payments and this works great, HOWEVER Coinbase have tricktning their policy and do not allow HYIPs to use it. But for those who run a regular imvestment program (none hyip) Coinbase is still the most reliable and fastest processing Bitcoin payment to use. Previous we integrated the Coinbase API for automated bitcoin payments and this works great, HOWEVER Coinbase have tricktning their policy and do not allow HYIPs to use it. But for those who run a regular imvestment program (none hyip) Coinbase is still the most reliable and fastest processing Bitcoin payment to use.


To solve the issue on HYIP users we integrated the traditional API for user payment plus we keept the manual admin approved solution, so this mean you have 3 option to accept Bitcoin in your program.


Moreover we also included payments from Neteller, Litecoin and Dogecoin with manual admin approval. By admin manual approval the payment will show as Pending until you release fund in admin control panel. So far only a few use this 3 payments but if the interest increase we will concider add API on them in future updates.


Language function has been fixed and script is delivered standard including full Russian and English for all user pages. You are able to purchase more languages as add-on.


To try out the HYIP V2.7 follow this link

May 2015

Release surfscriptPro version PRO 2.4.2



Check out our new HYIP version 2.4.2 on our demo page



Many things has been done since last published upgrade. Actually many releases has been done in between but with the speed of improvement and the continually growing numbers of sale, we can hardly find the time to announce the updates.


On the right side column you can find some of the point lines of the new updates but in basic the script has had an overall clean up in code, improved design and a few good things to make an admins job more easy.


We also included the translated text on all user pages so its now working from installation with no further settings to do. Front pages are prepared so you esily can create the code snippet to put.


A big changer is the Bitcoin what still get more attention why we integrated Coinbase API for automated user deposit. Coinbase seems to deliver the most stable system with a nice check out function and work great in our script thou the coinbase setup can be a little complicated but is worth the trouble.

Dec. 2014

Release surfscriptPro version PRO 1.5.5

NEW! FB-Login, Compounding, Lottery Ticket!


Things are moving fast and we can hardly find time to update both Demo or this page.
Many addons have been made lately and can now be found in Demo.


Some to mention is:

Lottery Ticket Sale: Advanced Lottery ticket system with tons of settings and automatic drawing of winners. Set ticket sale price, how many (admin) ticket to generate per one ticket sold, 5 level winner ticketswith individual winning % amount. Bonus Lottery ticket when register and/or buy plan. User can buy lottery from user account and see their own ticket list new as old and see history on all drawings made. They can also see the current ticket sale and amount on each level ticket winners for next drawing.


Compounding are added as a plan option. Now you can set level of compounding in plan details min/max and interval. Users got the option to change their compounding level on deposit plan detail page.


Facebook signup and login has been added to the script with a enable/disable admin function. To make it work, you will need to setup API in your Facebook account and add the API key to front page file. We will help and guide how to do this part.


Using Facebook user registration will get data as email, name and username from facebook, and user will see his/her Facebook profil image in user account top-bar. There are no need to fill in any other profile info. Just login by a click.


Cashout settings has been added option to support setting of maximum amount, minimum amount, and how many times allowed per day.


To get a full view of the new functions, please visit the updated Demo program and also read more program details here..



Oct 2014

Release surfscriptPro version PRO 1.4.3

Хайп скрипт работает на русском!




SurfscriptPro is going to be delivered in a English and Russian version as default by request. Both version are delivered as multi language supporting all basic front and user account, and easy to add more languages on demand.


New Mass-Payment system

The old mass-payment system was not stable enough so we decided to rebuild after newest technology and now able to deliver a stable EASY TO PLUGIN ready mass-payment system supporting:

  • Perfectmoney
  • Payeer
  • EGOpay
  • Solidtrustpay
  • Payza

Principal Back

After many requests we decided to make the Plan type function to set Principal Back, this is now standard with our script.


User to User Payments

New function to let user transfer to other users from his user account. Admin can set a minimum and maximum amount plus a set fee% or leave 0.


3 Referral systems

Not long ago we rebuild the complete referral system and now able to deliver with 3 different systems.

1) Normal referral system giving x% set per level. Multilevel deep. You can define different referral system to each created account type.

2) Referral earnings set x% on number of referrals in 3 level deep.

3) Referral system giving commission based on plans paid daily x% until plan expires. Can combines with system 1 or 2.


Future Developments

Admin build in full automatic ip, ip-range or hole country block, blocked when injection are tried to be made or other unauthorized input. Manual ban of ip, range, country plus detailed statistic report on intruder attempts reporting user ip, pc-mac address and many more.


Bank Manager

Admin manage user multiply bank details for wire-transfer. Set default bank, edit/delete. User add bank account with all details and set default bank to use. Add/edit/delete.


User eXchange

Allow user to Live exchange currency if allowed for fixed rate set by admin. Admin can set individual x% transfer fee on each processor, set min/max amount and available amount.


I hope you like what you see and will continue to support our grown by using surfscriptPro for your projects.


To get a full view of the new functions, please visit the updated Demo program and also read more program details here..



July 2014

Release surfscriptPro version PRO 1.0.0



This is the day of the days. We finally completed our long waited Forex Investment integration and are now going PRO version for good. The old price of $49 for a Beta version are now eliminated


At same time the pricestructur has changed and we finally desided to split up the program and sell is as 3 separate programs or as a combined solution. The original plan was to offer a one complete solution with a sale price on $349, but as shown below it ended up like this.

  • HYIP Script full license $99
  • Forex Script full license $99
  • Surf Script full license $99
  • HYIP+Forex combi full license $149

We desided to keep a demo version of HYIP $39 for 30 days. One thing to notice is that updateing from demo to full license will still cost you the $99 full price as we still need to repack your order, encrypt and license it plus provide you with full support and updates for a full year. And somehow we need to cover those costs.


We also believe that with our new price policy we will put ourself on the marked with a much wider audience to reach and prices much lower than what else is offered around. Not to mention that all the programs are still delivered with the same high quality base structure and security.


To get a full view of the new functions, please visit the updated Demo program and also read more program details here..



May 2014

Release surfscriptPro version Beta 0.9.97

New release out with multiply updates and fixes.


Not long ago EGOpay went out with an update to their API payment function what gave all a problem updating the software to their new systems. The trigger on this update has resulted in massive problems for admins, mostly as it are extremely sensitive to admin settings in EGOpay account and also admin settings in server and script. An example would be on the use of http/https and Curl or CurlSSL on server. All of it has to be set to exact the same to work. So if you have problems making it work, this will be the place to look. Also avoid completely to use the www.


We have fixed a few bugs on the function and it will now work with automatic user payments and updating in database correct.

April 2014

NEW 512GBps DDoS Protected Hosting

Yes you are reading correct!


Crazy offer - New Standard hosting account $39 per month and Dedicated Server $110 per month with this amazing untouchable DDoS protection. This new hosting will ultimately put an end on the overcharged prices most DDoS providers has offered for years. We now have a range of our own servers located in UK, France, US and Canada and can provide you a day to day full managed solution.


Read more details here..


DDoS Protection! 

March 2014

Release surfscriptPro version Beta 0.9.36


New Beta release with pay-processor integrated is now available. If you already have the previous script version then you can request a new file packet via our ticket system. Please note this update requires a database update as well.


New default theme integrated and follow all script purchases. Our template can be used and modified for any use you like.


New Front-end user statistic integrated in footer showing following details:
Start date, Running days, Total users, Last user, Total Deposit, Total Cashout, Last Deposit, Last Cash-out.


New top-bar login function integrated. Will display button for user area and logout if user already are logged in and viewing the front pages.

Feb. 2014

Release surfscriptPro version Beta 0.9.14


The new release comes with many updates as we improved the user experience for ease up functions, navigation and notification center. Installation file has been updated as well the database as a part to the new function integrations.


For customers who purchased an earlier version, please contact Sale for updated files and guidelines on database.

Jan. 2014

Release surfscriptPro version Beta 0.7.23


Script and layout functionality had been through a huge lift up with add on functionality for the overall experience of the use for both user and admin section. We are still running the script as Beta as we still have many upcoming functions to add before we will state it as a final version with release around may-june this year.

Nov. 2013

Release surfscriptPro version Beta 0.4.27


surfscriptPRO is available as Beta with a special promotion packet until more test have been run and fine adjustments made. This is not concerning security parts as this is all completed and tested fully but more left to the overall experience functions and user interface.


surfscriptpro news and updates

Oct. 2016

surfscriptPro version

HYIP7 V 3.1




  • New manager design template
  • Build in template editor front-pages
  • Build in template editor user-pages
  • Build in language management, text, message, emails
  • New cashout system code and improved processor page
  • New notification system
  • New user plan time-countdown for earnings
  • Build in menu control user pages for add-on
  • New add-on packets
  • API integration Coinpayment cashout instant, cron, masspay
  • API integration Payeer cashout instant, cron, masspay
  • API integration Perfectmoney cashout instant, cron, masspay
  • API integration cashout instant, cron, masspay

Aug. 2015

surfscriptPro version





  • New Static Graph show earnings for front page
  • New Static Graph show earnings for user page
  • New Static Graph show earnings for admin
  • Improved admin function to give earnings
  • Added display show earning given in admin
  • Added new function rules

July 2015

surfscriptPro version





  • 6 Language integration (users)
  • Video Review/testimonial
  • User Review/Testimonial
  • Representatives automation

July 2015

surfscriptPro version





  • Bitcoin API for automated
  • Bitcoin Manually Approval
  • Litecoin Manually approval
  • Dogecoin manually approval
  • Neteller manually approval
  • Language fix and updates
  • Update database structure
  • Update admin cashout page
  • Update admin email templates
  • Core engine updates
  • Installation files update

May 2015

surfscriptPro version





  • Bitcoin (Coinbase) API for automated deposit
  • Admin Cashout Manager manually
  • Hourly HYIP Plan
  • Plan settings optimized
  • Ref.commission per plan type
  • Ref.commission on daily earnings
  • Language en,ru default user pages
  • Bug fix user bank
  • Bug fix user settings compounding
  • Design improvement user and Admin pages

Dec. 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • Advanced Lottery Ticket sale system
  • Plan Compounding
  • Facebook signup and login (automated)
  • Bug fix principle
  • Bug fix masspayment
  • Cashout settings maximum/minimum

Oct 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • New Mass-payment system and own encryption
  • Principle Back plan function
  • User to User payment
  • New alternate referral system
  • User and admin Bank wire manager
  • Advanced Exchange service (full program)
  • Admin user details view user referral + earnings on each

Sep. 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • Integrated new referral system giving percent daily
  • Integrated Bitcoin Payment manually
  • Fixed bug in masspayment
  • Updated database and installation files

Aug. 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • Fixed referral commission bug
  • Updated MD5 hash function
  • Integrated masspayment encryption key to admin
  • Integrated Plan Principal back function
  • Integrated User Bank Wire pages add/edit
  • Integrated admin view user bank view/edit
  • Integrated function choose default bank
  • Updated database and installation files

July 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • Complete Forex Integration admin/user
  • Updated script version and installation files
  • Updated security in admin

May 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • Fixed bug in Payeer automatic payment
  • Recreated EGOpay processor automatic payment
  • Fixed bug in referral page total amount
  • Created new default design following script
  • Fixed co-admin issue
  • Installation file updates

March 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • pay-processor integrated
  • New default template to follow our script
  • user stat top-bar modified
  • Frontpage stat integrated
  • Login top-bar new function if user already loged in
  • Installation file updates
  • Installation guide and Ioncube setup added to download section

Feb. 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • User notification center update
  • Ticket system improvement
  • Email notification updates
  • User functionality improvement
  • Admin email template management
  • Installation file updates

Jan. 2014

surfscriptPro version





  • OKpay wallet processor integrated and tested
  • EGO pay wallet processor integration
  • Function improvement user interface
  • Function improvement admin interface
  • Smaller bug fix
  • Admin database maintain function added

Nov. 2013

surfscriptPro version





  • new function integration admin email template
  • new function integration admin page back links
  • general bug correction admin + user function
  • adjustment function admin rate settings
  • improvement admin email send mass/group/single
  • new function integration user bonus level
  • new user surfbar integration and improvement

Script Payment Integration

solid trustpay
bitcoin wallet