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Dr. Bitcoin has been among the Top Choice of popular financial monitors and blogs for a while. We are glad to acknowledge the fact, Dr. Bitcoin is gaining more popularity, receiving a lot of member registrations from people worldwide. Basically this has led to increasing the number of requests to become a regional representative of our program from various parts of the globe. As the result, the management of Dr. Bitcoin has taken a decision to start accepting regional representatives. As reported in the latest newsletter, regional representatives are going to play a very important role in marketing and support areas.

Representatives percent:

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 4%
  • Level 3: 2%

Dr. Bitcoin has already received offers from many countries in the world. The monitoring rankings are going up thanks to using a more aggressive advertising strategy. The essential part of this strategy is voting on monitoring sites, and the latest newsletter invites every investor to vote for the project, posting the payment proofs, both on forums and monitors. As a reminder we are telling that their members are the ones who contribute greatly to the development of the project. Once there's a support from clients, the program is working in the most efficient way to overcome any circumstances. Once again, it's a typical approach towards advertising for the majority of such Programs.

The representative system is fully available so you can find a representative in your Country at easy way. We are open to further cooperation so you are welcome to become our official representative in your country.

To motivate participants of referral program and other clients, we are also actively forming a network of our official representatives in the regions around the world. Our representatives will help novice investors to decide on size of the investment and payment methods, provide information support during whole investment period.

Please send your information to our presentation leaders: .

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