Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Trading

Opening the head office in London was directly based on stock exchange activity of the company. A small group of traders of MinneyOrg Limited (up to 10 people) has been successfully performing operations selling company stocks since November 2013. The most effective use of financial funds of the company, deep market analysis and trading technologies allowed to create if not large, but yet powerful division writing and practically implementing trading algorithms. Company specialists qualitatively scan participants of London exchange listing and without error determine the potential of companies listing their stocks for the first time for free selling (IPO), signing agreements on cooperation with the most solvent and the most reliable of them. The company holds stocks of both new and well respected companies with dozens of years of experience of doing business in different economic fields (computer systems and Internet technologies, machine-building and products of mass consumption). This allows for an opportunity of additional growth not only for us but also for our new partners.

Other than direct participation in London stock exchange, MinneyOrg Limited helps young British companies to unfold their potential and be listed on the stock exchange for their IPOs as a co-owner with 25% of stock. This allows us to participate in discussions, and form prices on stocks before selling them. We hope that with the influx of assets within our investment project we will be able to continue developing this area of focus.