Affiliate Program

MinneyOrg Limited sees possibilities of developing online only. The company is not planning to spend advertising budgets on promotions outside of the global net. We are not going to open physical headquarters and have a staff of development managers. Instead, we want to support all of our active clients who are promoting company ideas where they live, and among people they socialize with. In order to make cooperation with the company more attractive, we have developed a special system of rewards to attract new clients as investors in our company.

This strategy is often used by companies with online investing. It is possible that we will be able to offer better conditions that will bring in more results from the cooperation with the company.

It is easy to get additional earnings. After registering in your personal account you will be able to receive a unique referral link that is the key for additional earnings. You can use this link as you like: share it with people you know or get people you do not know interested in it. You can leave this link in the signature on your favorite forums, on the webpages of your website or blog. The only principal condition is the forbiddance to use your link as spam. If we receive complaints of such sendings, we will have to use punishment measures up to blocking an account and freezing all of your deposits and funds on your balance.

If a new participant registers through your link, and he becomes your client further on, you will receive your referral award in the amount of 4% of his deposit. Accrual of the referral commission fee happens immediately after creating a deposit, and can be withdrawn like regular earnings.