Investment Plan


At IMMSCOIN, we like to keep things simple. All investments with us will be denominated in BTC. Minimum investment with us is 1 coin and maximum investment is 500 coins. IMMSCOIN will guarantee a weekly fixed return of 0.5% for 12 weeks in the form of bitcoins. At the end of the contract, you will get back your principal deposit. Interest paid can be cashed out on a daily basis. However, IMMSCOIN has the rights to pay out the interest in BTC or other methods equivalent to the market value of bitcoins.


You deposit 10 coins investment:

1st week: 0.05BTC 7th week: 0.05 BTC
2nd week: 0.05 BTC 8th week: 0.05 BTC
3rd week: 0.05 BTC 9th week: 0.05 BTC
4th week: 0.05 BTC 10th week: 0.05 BTC
5th week: 0.05 BTC 11th week: 0.05 BTC
6th week: 0.05 BTC 12th week: 0.05 BTC + Principal back

Total: 10.6 BTC | Return on investment: 6%

Our program is unique in such a way that clients not only get a fixed return weekly. At the same time, clients will also be able to enjoy the appreciation of the prices of the bitcoin. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information on our program.