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  • 1. Miners create Bitcoins by using computers to solve mathematical functions. The same process also verifies previous transactions.

  • 2. Users download a Bitcoin wallet that works a little like an email address, providing a way to store and receive currency. Bitcoins can be transferred from one wallet to another using a web browser or a phone app.

  • 3. Bitcoin exchanges will trade between conventional currencies and Bitcoin, offering a way into the marked for non-miners, as well as a way to cash out.

  • 4. Business create a wallet in the same way as an individual user, typically using a website button to enable a Bitcoin payment. For in-the-flesh enterprises, QR codes can be used to let customers pay quickly and easily.
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About Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin Investment is an international investment company specializing in delivering the best investing services and trading strategies for online investors. We focus on helping individual and institutional investors to identify investment opportunities, avoid potential risks, increase return on investment (ROI), optimize investment portfolios, and ultimately equip them with strategic insights and operational skills in the online trading markets that include foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded fund (ETF), certificate of deposit (CD), and bonds.. During its long history, it has achieved and occupied a stable position in the financial market and won the confidence of numerous investors from all over the world. Bitcoin Investment to deliver a complete and professional services aimed at meeting the highest requirement of our clients.

Our high standards can be verified by the increasing numbers of long-standing clients. Quality is the main bridge to meet and exceed goals. Bitcoin Investment investment approach is based on proprietary strategies, where the balance between risk and opportunity provide the best possible market combination.