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VPS Hosting DDoS Protected NEWS

Surfscriptpro now offer Private VPS Hosting included our full DDoS Protection covering 100% any size or type of attack.


Improvement of Forex script function and Layout

Login to User-Demo V2 where we put a link directly to the new Forex

Our Forex script has gone through a long waited update on the functions plus we added a very nice static Graph showing the earning % for each day. The graph is included as default and you can use it on any frontpage layout as well to impress all visitors.

Short about Forex
From user part forex is a simple deposit to pool. It is then upto you as the admin to give earning daily what can be done in two ways.

1. Type any amount and it will share the amount equal to all investors fit the size of their deposit in just one click.
2. Create visual real trades by plotting in orders with BUY/SELL. Open and close order and then click to share profit to all investors.

Both ways will show in Graph and number 2 will also create a history table displaying the admins orders open/close value and profit on each trade.

To see the new Forex login to our DemoV2 user and you will find a button direct to it. You will also find a button to see the admin part on Forex.


Release surfscriptPro version PRO V3.0


Check out our new HYIP PRO version 3.0 on our demo page

Now Launching a new PRO version of our famous HYIP script you will get a brand new look highly responsive design fit all mobile, applets and screen size. Beside an awesome layout you get a packet of add-on included in the price as:
1) Representative with user to apply, page listing and a full admin management of content/approval.
2) Video Testimonial with slide box display front-end, view all listing, easy user video submission and admin management edit/approval.
3) User Testimonial with slide box display front-end, view all listing, easy user submission and admin management edit/approval.
4) 6 Language in user section: English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamise, Indonesian, Thai.

Of course many of the above add-on packets can be used more creative if you have the ideas. Like example use the testimonial as an HOW TO DO or random INFO messages or use the video review for your own videos. Its only about creative thinking.

Other add-on packets included as needed is Lottery with many functions included. Specially the setting options give you multiply ways to sell or give a way as bonus. The lottery is all automated with drawing in 5 levels % set by you, function to give tickets by signup, bonus tickets when buy or bonus ticket when investing in hyip plans.

Other addon packet included as wallet processor exchange full ontrollable as a real exchange service and the pay-other-member function to send funds between account.

To make it more easy we will help you customize the user menu and are included in the purchase of the new HYIP PRO V3.0. All in all you get A LOT value for purchase of the PRO version.

If you purchasing the normal HYIP version 2.7 you are still able to get the add-on packets for a extra charge. Price on each packet will be listed soon in our price listing. If you need any more information.