Privacy Policy

The information provided by the member is an important part of our relationship with every our client. We want you to know how we use your private information.


1) We treat your personal information, such as your email address and e-wallet, confidential. We do our best to protect this data from anyone who is not authorized to access it. We do not sell this information to anyone.

2) We guarantee that we are and will be keeping all transactions arising from your membership with WEALTHYCOIN strictly confidential and taking all reasonable measures to protect your information.

3) In process of providing our financial services and products to you we may collect certain non public information about you. In accordance with our policy, we keep this information strictly confidential and protected and we will not use this information for other purposes than provision of our services or disclose this information to anyone unless otherwise is required by law. Protecting your privacy is important to us.

4) We have procedures in place that we believe are reasonably designed to protect the security and confidentiality of your information. These include confidentiality agreements with companies we hire to help us to provide services to you, password-protected user access to our computer files and strict confidentiality policies that apply to all our personnel.

Log Data

Like many site operators, we collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our Site ("Log Data"). This Log Data may include information such as your computer's Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, browser version, the pages of our Site that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and other statistics.

Anti-Spam policy

Spam is commercial e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail, including "junk mail", which has not been requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam.


1) We will not tolerate SPAM or any type of UCE in this program. SPAM violators will be immediately and permanently removed from the program.

2) We forbid the sending of unsolicited mass e-mails or unsolicited e-mails of any kind in connection with the marketing of the services provided by WEALTHYCOIN.

3) Should any law enforcement agency, internet provider, web hosting provider or other person or entity provide us with notice that you may have engaged in transmission of unsolicited e-mails or may have engaged in otherwise unlawful conduct or conduct in violation of an internet service provider's terms of service or any such policies or regulations, we reserve the right to cooperate in any investigation relating to your activities including disclosure of your account information.

) When you received a letter from please don't forget to check your Spam sections in your e-mail service because some e-mail services can mark an e-mail as Spam.

Investment risks warning

1) Marginal Currency Trading and CryptoCurrency Trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and is only suitable for individuals and institutions who and which have sufficient experience and track of record.

2) Any opinions expressed by representatives of WEALTHYCCOIN as to the currency exchange rates in the future for specific currencies are purely opinions, which do not necessarily represent the opinion of WEALTHYCOIN, and do not imply any guaranties.

3) To protect our members from trading risk we have a stabilization fund.

4) In addition, there are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based deal execution trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection.

Amending these Terms

1) Administration of WEALTHYCOIN reserves the right to amend these "Terms and Conditions" without investor's consent.

2) Administration of WEALTHYCOIN will inform investors of such changes by publishing this information notice on the website of the program.

3) The changes become effective on the date of placing the information on the website, unless otherwise provided in the text of a specific notice.

Customer Service and Support

1) Every member has the right to request any additional information from our support service.

2) Members can contact our support service via our Support Form, Live Support Service or make a call to CallCenter.

3) Members agree to behave politely with our support team and follow the instructions to prevent anyone from potentially negative situation.

Anti DDoS and website availability

1) ) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is known as one of the most ubiquitous and damaging attacks in cyberspace. In response to the growing concern of DDoS, IT administrators around the world have recognized professional anti-DDoS solutions as an indispensable defense to protect sensitive IT environments across businesses and governments against attack. Our website is hosted on a server protected against DDoS attacks.

Terms of services violation

1) Every member has the right to get any additional information from our support service.

2) Member can contact our support service via our Support Form, Live Support Service or CallCenter.

3) Customer agrees to behave politely with our support team and follow the instructions to prevent anyone from potentially negative situation.


1) In cases where any provision of these "Terms and Conditions" are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitration body to be unenforceable in certain jurisdictions, such provision shall be acknowledged as unenforceable in such jurisdictions.

2) The other provisions of these "Terms and Conditions" shall remain binding for all signatories as if such provisions were not contained herein. Otherwise such provisions shall remain enforceable and unaffected in all other jurisdictions.


If you disagree with any of the provisions above, please, do not go any further