About Wealty Coin

The Company was started at the middle of 2013 After a year of working towards increasing its assets, the Company decided to expand its activity and enter the currency exchange and trading market. In 2014 year the founders decided to make it an open-ended company to allow general public to participate in the Funds development as WC Exchange and trading.The main underlying reason for such decision was the understanding that large investment amounts can be assimilated by the professional team which has developed a highly effective diversifying strategy.



We have consistent team

Most of the top specialists have worked with the Company since inception, our own analytics who are employs a team of financial experts, so it is able to maintain the quality of analytics and reduce the time of data processing.



Company's mission

to offer every client the opportunity to become a part of the Companys trading and exchange activity and receive high regular profits at low risks.




the Company is not affiliated with or subordinated to any financial group, so it is totally independent in the decision-making process.

The purpose of the WealthyCoin activities is to ensure regular income to its clientss and hold risk at a reasonable level through highly effective trading and money management strategies. The main activity of the bulk exchange of currencies and Cryptocurrency trading. Our traders have developed and are using a highly effective trading strategy and special analytical software which supports the decision-making process. The strategy, which employs the arbitrage principles and exploits ineffective and unbalanced market prices, has demonstrated stable positive results over more than a year. Possible risks are tracked continuously and maintained at low levels thanks to formal money management policy enforced throughout the trading staff.

WealthyCoin is not going to settle for what it has achieved. We continuously search for new moneymaking opportunities and are currently working on several new projects which we hope to add to currency trading in future and make more money with more and more lucrative.