About Us


About Smart Richness LTD

Welcome to Smart Richness LTD. We are a company who has a diversified portfolio of investment between the following markets: Construction, Mining operations, Cryptocurrency mining, Advertising and Banking. In our investment portfolio we have 15 companies in total and which we diversify our capital among them. Because of this, we can multiply the investments of our clients.

Why choose us?

All our investments are in consolidated offline companies. These companies operating in emerging markets and are located in various countries around the world. We do not make risky investments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients a place to invest and be confident that their money is in good hands. So we also offer the possibility to diversify from a single investment.

Our Team

Our team is formed by a group of professionals distributed in various parts of the world. Whose job is to analyze more than 100 companies in each of the markets to find those few companies that meet our rigorous selection criteria.