Terms of Agreement

Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.


1. General provisions

1.1. This collection of rules and obligations is created to specify the peculiarities of cooperation between the investment project represented by Brunkers Capital Group (hereinafter - Company) and participants of the investment branch (project) of the Company (hereinafter - Participant).

1.2. The rules are mandatory and determine the principles of interaction between the Parties.

1.3. The Company is not public and it does not publish its financial reports on its activity. Participants can receive detailed information about the financial results after making a written request to the physical address of the Company: address.


2. Company rights and responsibilities

2.1. All property and intellectual rights on using "BrunkersCapitalGroup.com" name belong to the Company. Using the trademark "BrunkersCapital Group.com" for any purposes has to be agreed upon with the management of the Company.

2.1. The Company adheres to principles of anonymity and confidentiality of personal data of its clients. The data of company clients are not to be divulged to third parties. The data may contain their personal information (the name of the Participant and his login in the system), the contact information (the physical address, the email), the data on the use of payment methods (the type of the payment system), and the financial participation in the project of the company (the type of the deposit, the date of creation, the size).

2.2. The Company does not require going through any procedures of verification of investor personality except the cases of losing access to the account and restoring access by the Participant.

2.3. The Company may only provide personal information about the Participant to third parties based on a Court order.

2.4. The Company may stop cooperating with the Participant in the following cases:

2.4.1. If it suspects fraudulent activity on the part of the Participant.

2.4.2. If the Participant uses more than one active account (using one payment wallet for two or more accounts).

2.4.3. If the participants assigns himself as an upline (self-referring) during registration.

2.4.4. In cases of mass spam sending using a unique referral link of the Participant and complaints from other Internet users.

2.4.5. Due to a Court order.

2.4.6. Due to the Participant´s systematic violation of the present rules.

2.5. In order to avoid fraudulent use of personal information and in order to stop unwanted emailing the Company hides the data on the referral connection in the account of the Participant.

2.6. The Company holds flexible investment policy that allows for periodic changes in the conditions of participating in the project (changing the minimum and/or maximum amount for the deposit in investment plans; reduction, ability to regulate, as well as a full cancellation of the reinvesting rate for daily accruals), adding new investment plans and elimination of the existing ones (with a full repayment of the amount of the deposit to the active Participants of these plans).

2.7. The Company is obligated to accrue and pay profits in accordance with the investment plan that the Participant has chosen daily, weekly, monthly or according to a different schedule if it is stated in the description of the investment plan.

2.8. The Company does not change the chosen investment plan after making a deposit. But, the company may accept such offer if the Participant sends a request about this himself from an email address that was used earlier to register the account in the project.

2.9. In order to simplify calculations for the Participants of the investment project, the Company uses only electronic types of currencies.

2.10. The Company has to accrue payments and make payments to the Participant only in the currency that the Participant uses to create a deposit in the project.

2.11. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally deny the Participant in taking part in the investment project. In the case of this type of a denial, the Participant receives back 100% of his deposit less the profits that has already been accrued and withdrawn.

2.12. The Company takes all the responsibilities on protecting the website of the project from external impact, uses hosting services with reliable DDoS protection, regularly checks the website for harmful software and encrypts channels on data transmission using SSL certificate.


3. Rights and responsibilities of Participants

3.1. Any adult can be a Participant of the investment program regardless of his country of residence, social status or religion.

3.2. In order to cooperate with the project of the Company, a Participant has to register on the website and have a personal account to create and control a deposit, as well as create requests to withdraw profits.

3.3. The Participant can register and use one personal account that has unique personal, contact and payment information.

3.4. The Participant has the right to refuse providing personal information that contains the address, city and postal code of his registration and residence. The Participant can refuse the Company in going through any identification procedures other than the situation described in provision 2.2 of the present rules.

3.5. The Participant has the right to choose any of the provided and available at the moment investment plans with any amount of deposit that corresponds to the range of investment limits of the chosen plan.

3.6. The Participant has the right to use any convenient for him type of electronic currency that the Company accepts as an investment deposit.

3.7. The Participant has the right to withdraw the profits accrued without any obstacles from his account balance in accordance with the current limits that the Company sets, and using the type of electronic currency that he used to create the deposit.

3.8. The Participant has the right to receive timely and accurate information about the financial state of the project through a personal request made to the client support services, reading the news section of the website of the Company, or through independent services of financial monitoring.

3.9. The Participant has the right to take part in the partnership program of the Company, use his unique referral link, attract active investors and receive reward in the amount stated in the Affiliate Program section. The partnership profit is withdrawn in the same currency that the referral uses to create his deposit.

3.10. The Participant can promote his referral link through a convenient for him means other than the cases described in provisions 2.4.3 and 2.4.4.

3.10. The Participant is obligated to follow the news of the project, daily visiting the News section of the Company website.


4. Concluding provision

4.1. The Company only uses the present website to accept deposits from Participants. The website address is www.BrunkersCapitalGroup.com.

4.2. The registration of an account in the investment project of the Company means that the Participant read the present rules and agrees to follow them. The profits that the Company obtained earlier in the project is not a guarantee of future financial results and does not lower the trading risks of financial losses.

4.3. These rules are valid from 15.06.2015 and have to be followed by both parties.

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