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  • Professional Management

    Our staff is composed of traders who are masters of their craft and literally has decades of experience in their fields of expertise.

  • Speedy Transactions

    The ever-flawless systematic process we practice in the trades we do ensures a quick in and out transaction speed. Enabling us to pay fast.

  • DDoS Protected Server

    A safe and efficient hosting environment guarantees a hassle-free interface for all our guests and investors. Reliability is guaranteed.

  • Extended Validation SSL

    Leave the security part to us. The information you pass to us is encrypted and prevents eavesdroppers from stealing your information.

0.6%per day
  • Minimum Invest$3
  • Maximum Invest$300
  • Running Time150 Days
  • Principal Back
0.8%per day
  • Minimum Invest$300
  • Maximum Invest$3,000
  • Running Time150 Days
  • Principal Back
1.0%per day
  • Minimum Invest$3,000
  • Maximum Invest$30,000
  • Running Time150 Days
  • Principal Back
VIP Plan
1.2%per day
  • Minimum Invest$30,000
  • Maximum Invest$300,000
  • Running Time150 Days
  • Principal Back


  • 4%

    Commission level 1

    From $0 to $300

    ALL our members get referral commission, so even you still did not invest in any plans you still have the option to refer your friends and earn the commission

  • 5%

    Commission Level 2

    $300 to $3,000

    While moving up the ladder, you will find your self on an upgraded account with higher earnings and a increased commission

  • 6%

    Commission Level 3


    Top Investors need Top Bonuses why we honor our highest investor with another increased level on 6%

About Us

After 8 years of experience in the market, we decided to open the online investment fund, which will offer our services to customers around the world. The customer can entrust us with their money, and then after a set time collect them at a profit. UpperTraders is a successful group of investors and experienced forex, stocks, future options, commodities and sports market. We offer a professional investment solutions for all investors. The effort and hard work on this project, you can see in our investment program. One of our main goals is to increase the financial security and offer the simplest way to make money by providing high quality, professionally managed money management services.

UpperTraders is an investment fund, which increases the return on stocks, bonds, but also in the Forex market. We also invest in other funds in the world. Our mission is to provide our investors with the possibility of increasing their income in a safe and prudent for the most diverse markets in order to obtain the highest rate of return. We are a group of people, who have won the cautious investing their money in the global financial market. Been operating for over 8 years. The most important rule in trading money is diversification - minimize risk and generate maximum profit. UpperTraders is a solution that ensures prosperity and financial stability.

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