hyip specifications

surfscriptPRO is a never ending story as we continually get new ideas, new ways to do things and strive to be a TOP program at all time. As we speak, the team work continually in the background, programming and implanting new functions. Our list is VEERY LOOONG and we keep ad lines to it.

Our target is to make a unique program covering a dozens of areas with the most user friendly interface any can wish for and with maximum security and performance.

When you buy a surfscriptPRO program you are assured free upgrades and add-on for a full year including full support.

User Specifications

Preferences All:

  • Add/Edit Profile info
  • Add processor pay details
  • Add/Edit IP security
  • Add/Edit Bank Wire details

History All

  • Wallet Funding
  • Plan Deposit
  • Plan Earnings
  • Transactions Details
  • Referral Details and Earnings
  • Cashout Details and Status
  • Bank Wire Deposit Details and Status
  • LiteCoin Deposit Details and Status
  • DogeCoin Deposit Details and Status
  • BitCoin Deposit Details and Status
  • Neteller Deposit Details and Status

Function all:

  • Registration page
  • Login Page
  • Facebook signup (automated)
  • Facebook Login (automated)
  • Password Recovery Page
  • Automated News page
  • Automated Faq page
  • Automated Investor Stat
  • Instant Wallet Deposit Multiply Processors
  • Transfer Earnings
  • Cashout Balance
  • In-account notification message
  • Earning Performance indicator
  • Ticket Submission
  • Ticket History
  • Ticket Delete
  • Ticket Reply
  • Referral page with Referral link
  • Invite Friends function
  • Language selector English/Russian (user-pages)

Supported Processors All:

  • Perfect Money Instant Deposit
  • Payeer Instant Deposit
  • EgoPay Instant Deposit
  • OKpay Instant Deposit
  • Solidtrustpay Instant Deposit
  • Payza Instant Deposit
  • Bitcoin Blockchain API Instant Deposit
  • Bitcoin Coinbase API Instant Deposit
  • Bitcoin manual Deposit
  • Litecoin manual Deposit
  • Dogecoin manual Deposit
  • Neteller manual Deposit
  • Bankwire manual Deposit


  • Hyip Investment
  • Compounding
  • Principle back


  • Hyip Investment
  • Compounding
  • Principle back
  • Video Review/Testimonial front random box
  • User Review/Testimonial front random box
  • Submit video review/testimonial
  • Submit user review/testimonial
  • Video Review/Testimonial full page list
  • User Review/Testimonial full page list
  • Representatives full page list
  • Submit Representatives application
  • Fake Stat (add-on all)
  • User to User Transfer
  • User exchange in account automated
  • Lottery Ticket sale HYIP PRO or add-on
  • Language selector English/ Russian/ Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Indonesian/ Thai (user-pages)


  • Forex Investment
  • Forex Balance view Single/All Total
  • Forex Admin Trading Details and Profit/Loss
  • Transfer Investment/Earnings to Wallet


  • Surf Plan Investment
  • Auto/Manual Surf websites
  • Repost website
  • Open website
  • Add/Edit website
  • Manual Approve website
  • Allocate Credits to website
  • Purchase Credits
  • Credit History
  • Surf Sites History
  • Purchase Banner Advertising
  • Manage Banner Advertising
  • Purchase Email Advertising
  • Subscription Plan Purchase

Add-on(s): ( HYIPPRO V3)

  • Fake Stat Deposit/Cashout
  • User to User Transfer
  • User exchange in account automated
  • Lottery Ticket sale HYIP PRO or add-on
  • Representative automated
  • Video Review/Testimonial automated
  • User Review/Testimonial automated
  • Extra language integration user-pages

Admin Specifications

Login and Safety

  • 2 ways verification login with Pin and Crypto card
  • Option for Remote Admin account (by order host+admin remote)
  • Welcome page Summary with details of new members, cashout pending, new deposit, open tickets and more.

Admin Settings:

  • Create Co-Admin account with own login
  • Edit permission for each page for main administrator account and Co-Admin accounts (Permissions as View,Edit,Add,Delete)
  • Edit administrator email
  • Change Crypto Card for each admin account separate
  • Edit password for each admin account
  • View last admin IP address

Settings basic:

  • Login enable/disable
  • Cashout enable/disable
  • Transfer balance enable/disable
  • Facebook login enable/disable
  • User to user transfer enable/disable/set fee%/min/max
  • Subscription enable/disable
  • Subscription plans, create/edit/delete
  • Plan Deposit Allowed per day,
  • Plan Deposit Bonus amount by %
  • Account Type Create/Edit/Delete
  • Account Type minimum deposit
  • Cashout Fee $%, Min/Max Fee
  • Cashout allowed per day
  • Cashout minimum/maximum amount per time

Plan Settings:

  • Plan listing overview
  • Create/Edit/Delete Plans
  • Enable/Disable Plan
  • Set Allow deposit to plan
  • Set Fixed Rate/Variable Rate
  • Set Min/Max Plan Cost
  • Set Plan Cashout Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly
  • Set Days to pay
  • Set Cashout Daily/After Expire
  • Set plan expire on Time of Deposit/Percentage
  • Set Principal Return on/off
  • Set Daily Referal Refound on/off
  • Set Referral % per plan as alternate to normal referral system per amount level
  • Set compounding on/off
  • Set Allow deposit only after user have deposited to following package: xx


  • Cashout History with multiply filter option and mass-pay by processor
  • Cashout History Set status Paid/Pending/Pre-Process/Cancelled
  • Cashout History Edit Processor/Amount/Date/Description/Batch/Status
  • Plan Deposit
  • Wallet Deposit
  • Earning History
  • Transaction History

User Management:

  • User History table with multiply search functions
  • Detailed User page with all user info and short history on deposit, earnings, plans, cashout
  • Add credits to user
  • View User Downline Referral list
  • View/Edit User Bank Details
  • Admin user note
  • Admin login as user
  • Admin Exchange user amount from xx processor to xx processor
  • Admin give user Wallet deposit
  • Export user emails


  • View tickets list active/closed
  • Ticket lookup by user ID
  • Reply to tickets and set status
  • News management, create/edit/delete
  • Faq management, create/edit/delete
  • Send email by all/account/single
  • Email Templates edit

Processor Settings:

  • Enable/Disable processor
  • Enable/Disable deposit
  • Enable/Disable cashout
  • Set fee variable/fixed rate individual
  • Insert Mass payment encryption key

Wallet Deposit management:

  • Wallet status change
  • Wallet manual approval/edit


  • Multiply filter option and status setting
  • Manual option to set to paid.
  • Automatic email notification to user
  • Mass Payment Perfectmoney
  • Mass Payment Payeer
  • Mass Payment EGOpay
  • Mass Payment Solidtrustpay
  • Mass Payment Payza
  • Secure encryption code input

Referral Settings:

  • Give commission by account type or by number of users
  • Define by plans individual %
  • Unlimited referral sub-levels
  • Referral daily on plan earnings %
  • Referral set on individual plan type

Exchange Service:

  • Automatic include enabled processors
  • Set minimum/maximum amount on each processor
  • Set Admin reserve amount on each processor
  • Set exchange direction to/from on each processor
  • Set Fee on each processor to all other processors

Lottery Ticket:

  • Enable/disable lottery
  • Set Ticket price
  • Set Generate extra ticket per 1 ticket sold
  • Enable bonus ticket on user registration
  • Set how many bonus ticket to give on plan purchase
  • Set % winner amount on 1st,2nd,3rd,4rd,5th prize
  • Reset/edit transfered pool size
  • View sold Ticket list
  • View winner list
  • Automated drawing button function.


  • Detailed listing with filter option
  • Edit or change status from pending to approved


  • Set Investment Margin Level
  • Set Investment Min/Max
  • View Investment by Processor
  • View Detailed Investment transaction list
  • Edit User Investment
  • Give earning automatic by % or $ amount equal to all investors
  • Admin Trade order history list
  • Create new trading order Buy/Sell
  • Close open trading order
  • Automatic profit calculation and option to give earnings equal to all investors

Manage user websites

  • View/manage abuse reports
  • Create/manage banner advertising products add/edit/delete price/slots
  • Create/manage bonus credits sale packets
  • Create/manage email advertising sale
  • Detailed list for purchased products
  • Settings for surf pages/timer manual/automatic surf

Script Payment Integration

solid trustpay
bitcoin wallet