surfscriptpro safety

Security measures are our highest priority and we have taken every possible step to make it so. We will not go into deep details on each function, but mention them in a short description to give you an idea how safe surfscriptPRO really is. This combined with our payment integration and the safety of the script itself surpasses many times the minimum requirements a modern International bank use today.

no injections - no fake deposit - no file altering - no backdoors

Only thing unleft is the server itself what we have NO control over as that is configured by you or your host. BUT we do recommend that you use one of our specialist to hard-configure your server and remove any threat that way.


We use a lot effort on each order to encrypt an secure each script order individual what is also the reason we only provide full support and free upgrade for 1 year as every time you need an upgrade we have to configure all the files only for you before sending them to you.

surfscriptpro security
  • binary script encryption of all system files
  • Admin secured password.
  • High data encryption for both users and Admin data
  • Injections secured script.
  • Input field keypad function
  • Admin 3 steps secure login
  • Permision controls for co-operator
  • Password key string protection to process mass-payments. This password is only know by you while you create it and are not stored anywhere.

More to do!

Beside all above we strongly recommend 4 things more to be done.

In your surfscriptPRO account you will find more details security settings with samples and helping-tool to secure you best way. We always provide free support to our clients with live support to help configure system and suggest solutions.

  • Get a professional to hard-configure your server
  • Install a SSL certificate on the server and allow only traffic through https.
  • Get your files File Lock protected
  • Get an admin remote access control

Script Payment Integration

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