Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

As a result of merger and acquisitions of a few companies, IMMSFX now possesses its very own proprietary IMMSFX Trading & Risk Manager. It is a proven automated trading mechanism that involved very sophisticated technological analytic tools, experienced trading teams that work around the clock and a set of risk-management parameters.

In a nutshell, these few criteria differentiate IMMSFX from our peers:


  1. No overnight positions
    Our trades are based on intraday strategies and we will not hold our positions overnight.

  2. Deep liquiditybr> Our trades are placed with top tier prime brokers that allow us to minimise slippage and get out from the trade with the maximum profit.

  3. Trend Analysis
    We believe that trend is your friend. Before we place any trades, we will always analyse what is the current trend and our trades will be placed according to the trend and not against the trend.

  4. Trading Session
    Our trading activities will only occur during the most active session of the day, namely, the London session and the US session.

  5. Our self-developed proprietary legacy software is able to detect upside (Normal trade) and downside (Hedging trade) potential in all major currency pairings with only a 20% margin error.

  6. IMMSFX Risk Manager functions as a mechanism of CHECKS & BALANCES when it works together with IMMSFX Trading Manager. How exactly does this mechanism work is a IMMSFX trade secret. The important thing is regardless currency pairs appreciate or depreciates, IMMSFXs clients will benefit from it.