Corporate FX

Corporate FX

IMMSFX can help protect your company with a foreign exchange strategy that allows you to move money across borders seamlessly, minimize foreign currency risk and maximize your returns. Our advisors and traders combine expertise and the latest currency hedging tools to help you buy, sell and operate effectively in an increasingly integrated global marketplace, and gain a competitive advantage.

We offer competitive pricing and trade in virtually all freely traded and non-restricted currencies on the global inter-bank market, directly from our trading floor.


We take a personalized and consultative approach to managing your global currency risk. Through a large variety of foreign exchange services, our goal is to help you protect the U.S. dollar value of your foreign currency revenues and transactions, control the cost of your foreign currency payments, minimize the translational impact on your balance sheet and mitigate the impact on your companys earnings due to conversion of foreign currency cash flow. Among our services:

  • A full range of instruments to hedge against foreign exchange risk, including forward contracts, spot contracts, swaps, over the counter options and structured options.

  • Treasury management services, including foreign currency loans and deposits, fully operational in-country bank accounts with leading institutions around the globe, multi-currency accounts and loans. And you can manage your companys accounts, currency purchases, transactions, investments and finances from a single online platform.

  • Comprehensive advisory services. We help you identify the correct exposure, formulate FX strategies, set an FX policy based on your business objectives, and choose the solution thats right for your company. We closely monitor your at-best or stop-loss orders around the clock to lock in favorable exchange rates and mitigate loss. We also provide daily and weekly market commentary, and upon request, customized economic and technical analysis.