Affiliate Program

With our affiliate program you can make money by referring clients to IMMSFX. Promote IMMSFX by placing our banners or text ads on your website, blog or just put the affiliate link in message forum signatures, email signatures or any other places.

If any visitor clicks on the banner or text ad, opens a new IMMSFX account and makes an investment, you will get a 1.5% commission from this investment. Any additional investment made by your affiliate will generate further 1.5% commission. Commission is credited to your account balance instantly, without any delays.

Spamming, unsolicited emails

We do not endorse or permit our affiliates to send out unsolicited emails to promote IMMSFX. If we find out that any affiliate is doing this, we immediately close this account. Any unpaid earnings generated by that affiliate are forfeited.

You can use both, text as well as banner ads for promotion. IMMSFX promotional tools are devised and ready for this purpose.

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