IMMS Holding Limited is a boutique capital management firm specializing in the FX (Foreign Exchange) and Currency Derivatives Markets. Our company was established to fulfill a market need to produce stable and consistent returns for clients in ALL economic climates.

Since our inception, we have amassed institutional, corporate and retail clients worldwide. To meet the ever-growing demand of our services, we have expanded our operations globally to bring us closer to our clients. With over 200 employees worldwide, Operation Headquarters, in Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Jakarta and trading offices strategically positioned around the world, we are committed to provide our global clients with the highest quality of service and best returns on their investments.


With the global marketplace evolving at unprecedented pace and central banks constantly introducing new policies, simply providing consultation services and executing strategies are no longer sufficient. To remain in the forefront of this industry, the use of cutting edge technology coupled with talented individuals is required to make winning split second trade decisions. Our elite team of FX Traders, Strategists, Analysts and Risk Managers are personally hand picked by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to constantly deliver exceptional results for clients.

The Management Board is responsible for managing the company. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company. The Management Board has, as its prime responsibility, the Groups strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management, and corporate control.